Transformer Oil Regeneration and Processing

Power International Our regeneration Machines, can perform transformer oil processing transformers up to 330 KV. Our large Machines can perform hot oil regeneration on transformers from 1500 up to 12000 Liters per Hours.

Over time, byproducts are formed inside transformers that decompose the insulation system. These byproducts increase the water content and can cause the transformer to overheat and eventually fail. Our process extends the transformer life by removing the contaminants that attack the transformer’s insulation system and reclaiming the oil.

Power International processes hot oil continuously through the Machine in a closed loop path. The oil passes through multiple filters, a vacuum dehydration column and a degassing column to remove contaminants, sludge, foreign particles, dissolved gasses and oil decaying byproducts contained in the oil. The heater chamber in our plant aids in dissolving sludge buildup and removing moisture from the insulation. The system lowers acid number and dielectric loss tangent by over 90%. The oil reclamation system allows lightening and purification of oil. Thus, the customer has a clean transformer with excellent oil properties.


  • Purifying and drying Transformer Oil in bulk
  • Vacuum filling of Transformers and Electrical equipment
  • Drying and Purifying oil in transformers
  • Vacuum Drying of Transformers


  • Removes Dissolved Moisture Transformer Oil
  • Reduces combustible gases and oxygen
  • Improves oil dielectric values
  • Improves transformer power factor
  • Extends oil service life
  • Extends transformer service life and reliability