Power International is a professional organisation that provides transformer maintenance services across the GCC. With a team of field service experts and state-of-the-art equipment, Power International is fully equipped to serve your needs quickly and professionally.

Transformer maintenance and proper installation of your new power transformers is critical for ensuring the extended life of your transformer. This is where Power International can help, with its extensive experience in installation, and maintenance of Substations as well as Power and Generator Step-Up transformers.

Power International works with various world-class transformer manufacturers and our skilled technicians install, assemble and vacuum-fill new and rebuilt transformers throughout the GCC.

During the transformer installation process, Power International will perform electrical acceptance testing to ensure total process compliance. Similarly, Power International will also perform electrical testing on in-service transformers that require diagnostic troubleshooting to determine underlying issues.

Give us a call today on +97150 5842888, to get a no-obligation quote for your transformer maintenance requirements.

In addition to the assembly of new transformers, our transformer services include: